Hello! I'm Alejandro

I'm a software developer (drummer & guitar player for fun) located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I currently have my own consultancy company Alcaisa.com. Previously worked at GitHub and Coupa.com.

I'm a Software developer who believes in software as a tool to empower people through engaging and solid applications. My experience includes startups and big companies, from pure technical positions to others leading teams to improve their software development practices, consolidate their hiring processes or even enhancing their on-boarding methods.

I'm experienced in Ruby and Ruby in Rails, but I'm interested in technologies like Go, Erlang and Elixir. I believe that good teams are to be cultivated, so I'm happy to mentor junior developers and help them become well-rounded engineers.

Finally, you can take a look at my resume.

If you wanna chat, drop me an email to acadavid@gmail.com

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